Integrating content marketing and storytelling

Content marketing and storytelling go hand-in-hand today. Far more than a marketing buzzword, storytelling has been an essential contributor to the state of content marketing, helping brands to capture an audience’s attention, sustain their interest, create emotional bonds, and build stronger relationships based on trust.

To do content marketing and storytelling well, however, brands need solutions that help them to better understand their audiences, identify the stories that will move them, and to know whether they like the stories they’re consuming. That’s where the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform can help.

How content marketing and storytelling work together

Marketers have long understood the power of storytelling to create strong relationships with audiences. When used successfully in content marketing, storytelling can help brands to:

  • Capture the attention of target audiences. Whether it’s through a video, a case study, or a blog, a well-told story can break through the noise to pique a user’s interest.
  • Sustain engagement. Audiences will pay attention to story much longer than other forms of communication, offering content teams and their brands more opportunities to build a relationship and drive home a message.
  • Build an emotional connection. Stories connect at an emotional level, creating a stronger bond between brands and their audiences. Stories help create empathy which leads to positive feelings and eventually to the kind of trust that content marketing is designed to create.
  • Prompt action. Human decisions are often based more on emotion than on rational thought. By triggering an emotional response, content marketing can move audiences closer to high-value actions, trusting that the brand can help them solve a problem or win a victory.

The secret to good storytelling in content marketing is to know what kind of stories will interest and motivate a target audience, and to constantly monitor and measure performance so marketers know which content and channels are telling stories that resonate most.

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Knotch: a content marketing platform for better storytelling

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts for better storytelling.

Our platform delivers real-time insights that help brands realize the full value of content marketing. With Knotch, marketers can develop a stronger storytelling content strategy by identifying the needs and desires of target audiences and the channels that can best capture their attention. And they can effectively measure performance to understand the impact their campaigns and content have on an audience’s relationship to the brand.

To help marketers know how their stories are resonating with audiences, we have developed an innovative feedback unit that we embed into each piece of content. When a user finishes watching a video, reading an article or reviewing a case study, our feedback unit appears and prompts the user to share their feelings about the content they’ve just consumed in real time. With an intuitive and frictionless design that allows users to share their opinion quickly and easily, we have increased response rates for audience feedback by roughly 2000x over the industry average.

Solutions on the Knotch platform

For stronger storytelling in content marketing, Knotch provides solutions that help marketers to:

  • Plan more effective campaigns. To tell great stories through content, marketers must know what stories their competitors are telling. Our competitive content analysis reveals competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. And our publisher matching feature identifies the best publisher for a campaign based on target audience demographics, KPIs, and creative approach.
  • Map content to each stage of the journey. Marketers can improve storytelling by identifying the custom stages in an audience’s journey and mapping content to each stage that brings the user deeper into the brand story.
  • Automatically recommend the next, best piece of content. The Knotch recommendation engine uses feedback gleaned through personalized conversation with users to automatically suggest the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • Measure the performance of content channels. Content measurement and analytics tools provide real-time insight into which stories are resonating and which are not. By showing marketers how to track content performance in real-time, Knotch makes it possible to take quick action to optimize content and channels.
  • Organize content libraries. The Knotch platform automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes content, storing every piece of content ever created in a single location for faster access.
  • Surface essential content insights. AI-powered processes automatically highlight critical intelligence that marketers might otherwise miss and provide access to insights organized by topic, audience, and more.

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Why brands choose Knotch for content marketing and storytelling

Our brand customers trust us to deliver the critical intelligence they need to tell better stories through content marketing for three simple reasons.

1. We deliver unbiased information. Because we work only for brands and never monetize from distribution channels, we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. Consequently, we can deliver unbiased data – the unvarnished truth – that brands rarely get from distribution channels and agencies who have a stake in how well content performs.

2. We provide first-party data. The data we provide is owned by our brand customers forever, anonymized for GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations. With Knotch, brands can end their dependence on unreliable third-party data.

3. We show the complete picture. We combine real-time audience sentiment data with high-level volume metrics and audience demographic/psychographic information to give content teams the clearest and most comprehensive insight into their content marketing and storytelling efforts.

FAQs: How are content marketing and storytelling related?

How are content marketing and storytelling related?

The purpose of content marketing is to build trust and stronger relationships with targeted audiences. Telling stories through content can help to accomplish this by capturing audience interest more effectively and sustaining their interest longer. Storytelling also engages users at an emotional level, which enables brands to build stronger bonds and trusted relationships with target audiences.

What do brands need to improve content marketing and storytelling?

For its stories to resonate, a brand must have keen insight into what matters to an audience – their pain points, needs, and desires. Content teams must also have a understanding of the competitive landscape so they know what stories they’re competing with. Brands need the ability and control to tell the best story at each stage of a user journey, and they need solutions for measuring in real time whether stories are resonating with audiences so they can continually optimize efforts.

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