Enhance engagement with content marketing analytics

In content marketing, every engagement with an audience member is a chance to build a relationship that improves brand perception. It’s also a chance to measure the effectiveness of content pieces, channels, and campaigns. Whether it lasts a few seconds or several minutes, each engagement offers a wealth of data that can help marketers understand their audiences better, making it easier to provide content that users will like and value.

Superior content marketing analytics are key. An analytics platform must offer real-time data about audience sentiment, and provide content teams with unbiased, independent data. That’s why, when they want to know how to measure content marketing effectiveness with greater accuracy, more content teams today are turning to Knotch.

The challenge of getting superior analytics

Content marketing analytics must be based on superior data that provides a comprehensive view of audience and performance data. Despite the enormous investment in content marketing today, most brands still have trouble getting data that shows a complete picture.

There are three critical challenges in content performance analysis.

  • Brands lack real-time information. Real-time data and content marketing analytics let content teams make immediate adjustments when campaigns, assets, or channels aren’t delivering on expectations. Most content analytics tools, however, can’t deliver comprehensive data in real-time, limiting the ability to optimize efforts.
  • Audience feedback is inaccurate – or nonexistent. Understanding how audiences feel about content is essential. All the page views in the world won’t move the needle if most of those views result in a negative perception. To truly measure content performance, marketers need to know whether audiences like the content they’re consuming and whether it improves their perception of the brand. Traditional methods for collecting feedback provide inaccurate data – if data is available at all.
  • Performance data is biased. Much of the performance data that drives content marketing analytics is developed by publishers, agencies, and other third parties that are deeply invested in the success of those metrics. Consequently, brands can’t necessarily trust that the data they’re receiving is complete and unbiased.

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Knotch: content marketing analytics and more

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that helps brands plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content. We are the only platform that provides totally unbiased data, independently collected, that covers quantitative metrics and audience feedback in real-time.

We work exclusively with brands and do not monetize from distribution channels, so we have no stake in the success of the content we are measuring. As a result, brands trust that our data is complete, accurate, and impartial.

Our platform provides a content marketing metrics dashboard that is constantly updated, delivering real-time insight that content teams can use to optimize current campaigns and plan more effective efforts for the future. With Knotch, content teams can:

  • View comprehensive performance data for content types, themes, and distribution channels, along with intelligence on how to optimize them in real-time.
  • Make cross-platform comparisons with aggregated content marketing analytics across paid partnerships and owned content hubs.
  • Improve audience awareness with feedback that shows how users engage and behave with content, and whether they like the content they’re consuming or not.
  • Holistic audience and performance data that combines attitudinal feedback with volume metrics and demographic/psychographic info in real-time.

How Knotch captures real-time audience feedback

Capturing audience feedback about content has traditionally been a challenge. Typical techniques have either been too disruptive (pop-up surveys) or too removed (email surveys that arrive two days later) to garner any kind of response. In fact, the average response rate of these methods is around 0.01% — far too low to provide accurate data.

At Knotch, we set out to find a way to let users share their feelings about content just after they have engaged with it. We developed a feedback unit that can appear alongside content on the page, allowing users to share their opinion at the very moment when they feel most strongly about it. Our feedback unit uses a universal metaphor – a temperature scale – that people intuitively understand, allowing them to answer a question without having to think about it for more than a second or two. Bottom line, the Knotch feedback unit gives users an easy and rewarding way to share their attitudes toward content. And because users are responding in real-time, we can deliver that information to our brand customers in real-time as well.

Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch platform: comprehensive content solutions

In addition to content marketing analytics, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Content marketing planning software with in-depth analysis of competitors’ content, strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. We also provide a comprehensive catalog of publishers with tools for vetting potential partners and finding the best publishers for a campaign based on target demographics, creative goals, and KPIs.
  • Automated content insights that surface intelligence which might be easily missed and allow marketers to review the most relevant intelligence based on audience, topic, and more.
  • A content recommendation engine that suggests the next, most valuable step in the customer journey based on feedback collected through organic, personalized, and native conversations.
  • A content journey mapping tool that lets marketers define custom stages for each audience, map content for each stage, and guide the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next.
  • An automated content library that organizes and classifies every single content asset ever created, storing it in a single location and providing robust search and filter capabilities for easy, immediate access.

Knotch is widely used as an Adobe Analytics alternative by marketers in many industries, including automotive, retail, financial services, B2B tech, professional services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical content marketing teams, to name a few.

FAQs: what are content marketing analytics?

What are content marketing analytics?

Content marketing analytics are intelligence and data that marketers can use to better understand the audiences they are trying to reach with content, as well as the performance of content campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels.

What’s important in content analytics?

To be effective, content analytics must be based on both quantitative data that measures the volume of engagement and qualitative information that measures how audiences feel about the content they consume. Content analytics must also be driven by real-time data, allowing content teams to take fast action to optimize pieces and campaigns. And the data for content analytics must be unbiased, independently collected by parties who have no stake in the success of what they are measuring.

What are the benefits of content marketing analytics?

Content marketing analytics allow CMOs and their teams to see in real time how campaigns, pieces, and channels are performing. With this intelligence, marketers can more easily address issues with content or channels that aren’t performing as expected, making immediate adjustments that pay dividends in ROI and stronger audience relationships.

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