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It’s increasingly tricky today for content marketing campaigns to cut through the noise. Marketing teams are pumping out more content – and more types of content – than ever before. To stand out in this crowded field, CMOs and their teams need content marketing analytics tools that can provide real-time insight into the performance of their campaigns – and the efforts of their major competitors.

While many content analytics solutions purport to deliver comprehensive performance data, few can actually provide real-time insight. That’s why, when content teams want to know how to measure content quality more effectively, they choose the content marketing analytics tools of the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform.

Content analytics: the essentials

When choosing content marketing analytics tools, CMOs must look for four essential features.

  • Competitive intelligence. To create and distribute compelling content, brands must know what they’re up against. Content marketing analytics tools should provide real-time insight into competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes, helping to benchmark campaigns and inspire content teams.
  • Audience sentiment data. It’s not enough to know how many people engage with piece of content – marketers need to understand how audiences feel about the content they consume. Sentiment data helps marketers determine whether content is improving the relationship with an audience and whether it’s enhancing their perception of the brand.
  • Real-time delivery. When content analytics are available in real time, marketers can immediately take steps to optimize campaigns, revise or replace assets, or to adjust the mix of distribution channels to reach target audiences more successfully.
  • Unbiased views. When publishers, agencies, and other third parties provide content performance measurement data, the information may be skewed to show the work of these vendors in the best light. Consequently, content teams aren’t always sure if they’re looking at accurate or complete data. Having unbiased data is critical to getting a complete picture of performance.

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Knotch: content marketing analytics tools for real-time insight

Knotch is the Content Intelligence Platform that checks all the boxes when it comes to delivering performance data that marketers can trust. Our suite of content marketing solutions helps CMOs and their teams to more successfully plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content across owned and paid channels.

Our content marketing analytics tools provide real-time, actionable intelligence that content teams can use to evaluate and impact the outcome of their content efforts. The Knotch platform offers:

  • Competitive content analysis. Marketers can work with in-depth analysis of competitors’ content to better understand the competitive landscape. Teams can identify whitespace and create plans to address it with new content, themes, and messaging.
  • Comprehensive views of performance in real-time. With Knotch, content teams can know in real time what content types, themes, and distribution channels are performing best and how to optimize the ones that aren’t.
  • Sentiment information. Knotch uses an intuitive feedback unit embedded in every piece of content to capture data about how audiences engage with, behave around, and feel about the content they consume. By encouraging users to share their feelings at the very moment they engage with content, our feedback mechanism has achieved a response rate that is exponentially higher than traditional methods. What’s more, we make this data available in real time to our brand customers, enabling them to act immediately to optimize assets and campaigns.
  • Independently collected data. At Knotch, we consider ourselves the Switzerland of data. We never monetize from distribution channels and have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. That allows our brand customers to trust that our data is transparently collected and free of bias.

What you can measure with Knotch

Our platform gathers a robust data set of performance metrics and lets teams determine the most critical content marketing metrics to track. With Knotch, brands can measure:

Audience Demographic Data

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Brand/purchase affinity
  • In-market segments

Quantitative Data

  • Overall views
  • Unique views
  • Referral source
  • Time spent
  • Scroll depth
  • Clickthroughs
  • Video completion rates
  • Device & browser type
  • Social engagement
  • Custom events

Qualitative Feedback

  • Perception
  • Awareness
  • Purchase intent
  • Impact
  • Relevance
  • Custom metrics

These data points are combined and weighted to create a customizable Knotch Content Performance Score that gives CMOs an easy way to evaluate and compare the performance of assets and campaigns.

Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch platform offers additional content marketing analytics tools that together provide marketers with a comprehensive solution for managing campaigns. These include:

  • Content Journey Mapping tools. With Knotch, marketers can create an organic content experience by defining the steps of each audience’s journey and mapping the best content for each stage.
  • A Content Recommendation Engine. With feedback collected from personalized conversations with audiences, Knotch automatically recommends the next, most valuable piece of content.
  • An Automated Content Library. The Knotch platform automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes content for easy and immediate access, storing all content in one location with robust search tools.
  • Automated Content Insights. Knotch lets marketers access the most relevant content intelligence organized by topic, audience, and more. The platform also automatically surfaces critical insights that marketers might otherwise miss.

Knotch is an invaluable tool for brands in many industries, including automotive, retail, professional services, B2B tech, healthcare, and financial content marketing.

FAQs: What are content marketing analytics tools?

What are content marketing analytics tools?

In content marketing, analytics tools provide marketers with insight into how well content campaigns, assets, and distribution channels are performing against established objectives and KPIs.

What can content marketers do with analytics tools?

By providing visibility into content performance and audience behavior, content marketing analytics tools allow marketers to increase engagement by optimizing or replacing pieces, revising strategy, or changing the mix of distribution channels.

What features are essential in content analytics tools?

To provide a comprehensive view of performance, content marketing analytics tools require data that includes both quantitative information and qualitative insight into how audiences feel about the content they consume. Analytics tools must also deliver data in real time, allowing marketers to quickly take steps to adjust strategy, messaging, and content in the middle of a campaign.

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