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It’s an exciting time to be a content marketer. Brands have finally taken notice of what content marketing can do, and content budgets are on the rise. But with this larger investment, CMOs and their content teams are under greater scrutiny and face great pressure to deliver on the enormous promise of content marketing.

Content market intelligence can help to deliver the results that content teams need and that their brands expect. With the right content marketing intelligence solutions, marketers can drive better campaign performance, optimize the impact of individual assets, and build better relationships with audiences through a clear understanding of what they need.

For content market intelligence that is unbiased, comprehensive and delivered in real time, more brands today are turning to the content intelligence platform from Knotch.

Why good content intelligence is hard to find

There are lots of solutions on the market that promise to deliver insightful content market intelligence, but most of these products are limited in some way, making good intelligence hard to come by.

Many content market intelligence solutions deliver an overwhelming amount of data – but not in real time. Consequently, content teams can only use this data to inform future efforts rather than applying it to current campaigns. To maximize their brand’s investment in content, marketers need up-to-the-minute content market intelligence on how well campaigns, assets, publishers, and channels are performing so they can make immediate adjustments for improvement.

Another reason that good content market intelligence is hard to find: most performance data is supplied by parties who are invested in the outcome of their measurement. It’s hard to completely trust data from publishers, distribution channels and agencies who, consciously or subconsciously, may highlight the information that puts the most positive spin on their work or contribution. As result, brands have a hard time knowing whether the data they are getting objectively reflects performance.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, most content intelligence tools are great for delivering quantitative data – how many people viewed a page, how deeply they scrolled, or how many pages they viewed per session. What these metrics can’t tell you is whether those visitors actually liked the content or not. And without this qualitative data, marketers have no idea whether their content is achieving the very goal of content marketing: to build better relationships with audiences, and to improve their feeling about the brand. Without this type of audience sentiment feedback, content marketers are essentially flying blind.

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Knotch content market intelligence platform

Knotch is a content intelligence platform is designed to deliver all the essential data that CMOs and their teams need to accurately measure performance, improve outcomes, and maximize the ROI of owned and paid content strategies.

Knotch delivers content intelligence software for intelligently, immediately, and effectively measuring the impact of content campaigns. The Knotch platform provides:

  • Comprehensive overviews of what types of content, themes and distribution channels are working best – and how to optimize the ones that aren’t – across all owned and paid distribution channels.
  • Audience sentiment data that shows how customers engage with, behave around and feel about each piece of content.
  • Holistic audience and performance data that combines volume metrics on engagement and conversion with attitudinal feedback and audience demographic and psychographic information in real-time.
  • Unbiased, first-party data that brands own forever, eliminating dependence on unreliable third-party information.

How Knotch succeeds where others fail

The success of the Knotch platform is result of our ability to deliver the content market intelligence that other solutions cannot. We deliver:

  • Audience sentiment feedback collected through an innovative feedback unit that is embedded into each piece of content. Providing an intuitive and engaging experience, the feedback unit lets audiences respond to content as they interact with it, registering their opinion at the precise moment when their feeling about the content is strongest and they’re most invested in sharing it. This is simple but effective tool has a response rate that is roughly 2000 times greater than standard techniques for collecting audience feedback through intrusive surveys or after-the-fact email.
  • Real-time data that lets content teams immediately pivot to take content and campaigns in new directions when current efforts aren’t delivering results. With real-time data on audience feedback, for example, marketers can adjust a headline that isn’t prompting viewers to read an article, replace a video that is garnering negative attention, or stop using a distribution channel that’s generating visits from unengaged users.
  • Independent, unbiased data that is transparently collected. At Knotch, we monetize only from our relationships with brands, never from distribution channels. That means we have no investment in the outcome of our measurement – our obligation is only to deliver objective data for our brand customers. Consequently, Knotch clients can have complete trust in the integrity of their content success metrics, allowing them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Content Intelligence Platform

A comprehensive content marketing platform

In addition to technology for measuring and reporting on performance metrics, the Knotch platform includes:

  • Competitor content analysis that provides insight into the competition’s strategy, publishing cadence and themes, and a tool for identifying and vetting the best publisher and partners for each campaign.
  • Content journey mapping that lets marketers define the ideal journey for each audience segment and map content for each stage of the journey.
  • A content recommendation engine that collects feedback from audiences and recommends the next, most valuable piece of content for their customer journey.
  • An automated content library that collects all content under one roof, organizing, classifying, tagging and indexing it for easy search and immediate access.
  • Automated content insights using AI-powered processes to surface the most relevant content market intelligence and the critical insights that marketers might otherwise miss.

Our platform is the choice of brands across a broad range of industries, including automotive, B2B tech, financial services, retail, and pharmaceutical content marketing.

FAQs: what is content market intelligence?

What is content market intelligence?

Content market intelligence is data that provides content marketing teams with insight into how well campaigns and content are performing and achieving the objective of informing, entertaining, persuading, and building better relationships with target audience segments. Content market intelligence also includes demographic and psychographic data that lets marketers segment audiences more narrowly.

What’s important in content market intelligence?

Real-time data is critical to content market intelligence, as it allows marketers to make immediate adjustments to improve campaign performance. Unbiased data is also essential, providing marketers with intelligence that isn’t skewed by third parties who are invested in the success of the content they’re measuring. And audience sentiment data that reveals whether users like a piece of content are not can help marketers understand how to use content to improve an audience’s perception of the brand.

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