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Brands are relying on content marketing more than ever to inform, entertain, and persuade target audiences. As content marketing budgets grow, CMOs and their teams face greater pressure to deliver a superior return on their brand’s content marketing investment. Content intelligence is key to this effort, helping to measure the success and performance of each piece of content and every campaign, and to shape future creative directions and publishing partnerships.

Knotch provides an independent content intelligence platform that delivers all the insight, metrics, and tools CMOs need to measure and impact the outcome of their content campaigns. Providing real-time, actionable intelligence across all content investments, Knotch provides a complete view of digital content performance that enables content teams to increase ROI and build more powerful relationships with audiences.

The need for content intelligence

Content intelligence can help marketing teams in three ways. It can justify their brand’s spend on content efforts. It can help to plan more effective content campaigns. And, most importantly, it can help content teams to pivot in middle of a campaign to optimize, revise or replacement content that isn’t performing well.

To realize these benefits, content market intelligence solutions must provide:

  • Real-time analysis. Content intelligence that only provides analysis after a campaign is finished may be helpful for planning future efforts, but it can’t help to improve the performance of current campaigns. With real-time data and analytics, content teams can take immediate action to revise a headline that isn’t resonating with audiences, shut down a distribution channel that isn’t engaging visitors, or replace a piece of content that’s viewed negatively by readers.
  • Independent data. In the industry today, many of the metrics behind content intelligence come from publishers, agencies and distribution channels that have a stake in how well the content performs. In other words, they have an incentive to put forward metrics that show content performance in the best possible light. To really understand how well their campaigns are performing, content teams need independent content intelligence that measures performance objectively and transparently.
  • Qualitative information. Many content teams are focused on quantitative data like the number of page views, unique site visitors, time spent on page and pages per session. But it’s really the qualitative data – how audiences feel about the content they are consuming – that is most important. All the page views in the world don’t make a campaign successful if most audience members don’t like what’s on the page. To deliver on content marketing objectives, teams need intelligence that provides clear insight into audience sentiment about each piece of content.

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Knotch: a content intelligence platform

Knotch is the only content intelligence platform that totally independent and unbiased data across all owned and paid channels. Because we work exclusively with brands and we never monetize from any distribution channels, we have no investment in the success of the content we’re measuring. That allows our clients to fully trust the data we provide as they develop data-driven content strategy and campaigns.

We also deliver data on audience sentiment that lets content teams know exactly how their visitors feel about their content. We’ve designed an innovative and intuitive audience feedback unit that appears right alongside each piece of content, allowing audiences to register their opinion even as they’re consuming content. As a result, we have achieved response rates that are exponentially higher than traditional methods of measuring qualitative data.

What’s more, our content intelligence software delivers data in real time. Through a variety of continually updating dashboards, the Knotch platform gives content teams real-time insight into the performance of every piece of content and every campaign, so teams can immediately take steps to optimize performance and ROI.

Comprehensive tools for content intelligence

The Knotch platform provides a suite of content intelligence tools that help teams to manage every aspect of a content campaign.

  • Content-wide analytics provide comprehensive, cross-channel measurement of audience and performance data across any paid site or owned hub. Knotch delivers both quantitative data and demographics, along with invaluable qualitative feedback.
  • Competitor content analysis provides in-depth-analysis of competitors’ content, while a publisher matching feature helps to identify the best publisher for each piece of content.
  • An automated content library automatically organizes and classifies all content in one location, providing robust filter and search capabilities for easy, immediate access.
  • Content journey mapping lets content teams take control of the readers’ journey from one piece of content to the next, defining an organic experience and focusing users toward high-value actions.
  • A content recommendation engine engages audiences in organic and personalized conversations, collecting feedback that informs recommendations for the next, most helpful piece of content for each user.
  • Automated content insights enable marketers to see what types of contents and formats are most successful based on topic, audience and other criteria, and highlights insights that can be easily missed.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why choose Knotch?

Knotch is the only content intelligence platform that provides media, marketing and communications leaders and teams with a single source of truth for content marketing. By delivering first-party data that is always independent and unbiased – and that brands own forever – we enable content teams to eliminate dependence on third-party data. All data is anonymized for GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations, and remains completely private and secure.

FAQs: what is content intelligence?

What is content intelligence?

Content intelligence is data that offers insight into all aspects of a content marketing campaign, providing metrics that detail the performance of campaigns, individual assets, publishers, distribution channels and competitors’ campaigns. Content intelligence also helps to identify and segment audiences with demographic and psychographic information.

What is essential to content intelligence?

Superior content intelligence must provide independent data that brands can trust to objectively measure performance. It must also include qualitative data about whether audiences like the content they’re consuming or not, since the goal of content marketing is to build positive relationships with audience segments. And content intelligence must provide real-time analytics that enable content teams to be more agile, more competitive, and to make immediate adjustments to optimize campaigns and assets.

What are the advantages of superior content intelligence?

When content teams have the benefit of superior content intelligence, they can plan more effective campaigns, make mid-campaign adjustments to optimize performance, and increase the return on the substantial investment their brands are making in content marketing.

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