Build better audience relationships with content intelligence tools

Brands across all industries are realizing the power of content marketing. By delivering content that informs, entertains and persuades, companies can more effectively build stronger relationships with target audiences and improve their feeling about the brand.

To accurately gauge whether content marketing efforts are successfully improving relationships, marketers need to know how audiences feel about the content they consume. While this kind of information is hard to come by – and even harder to find in real time – Knotch provides content intelligence tools that not only deliver up-to-the-minute sentiment data but a wealth of other metrics, analytics and content tools as well.

Why real-time sentiment data is critical to successful content

As more marketing dollars flow to content campaigns, CMOs and their teams need content intelligence solutions that can measure the impact of their efforts and optimize campaign performance. Because the goal of content is building positive relationships with audiences, marketers need content intelligence tools that reveal how audiences feel about content – whether they like or dislike the blogs they’re reading, the videos they’re watching, or the e-books they’re downloading.

Most content intelligence tools are focused on quantitative metrics: volume of site traffic, number of unique visitors, page depth, bounce rate, pages per session, and so on. While these data points indicate the volume of engagement, they reveal nothing about how the audience felt about the content they engaged with.

Many marketers mistakenly conflate volume of engagement with quality of engagement. They assume that if a viewer spent three minutes watching a video, it must be because they enjoyed it. But that’s certainly not always the case, and 10,000 page views don’t equate with a successful piece of content if 90% of the viewers left the page with a negative feeling about the brand.

Content marketing intelligence that accurately measures audience sentiment is the only way to know whether your content has value for an audience. It’s the only way to determine whether you’re effectively building the relationship and a positive impression of your brand. Unless your content intelligence tools combine quantitative data with qualitative audience feedback, you’ll never know whether your content is effective or not, and whether the money you’re investing in content marketing is delivering any kind of return.

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Content intelligence tools from Knotch

Knotch is an independent content intelligence platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of content efforts. Our content intelligence tools help marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their efforts across all owned and paid channels.

Most importantly, our tools for measuring content performance provide the real-time data brands need on audience sentiment – delivered in real time, so content teams can immediately pivot to optimize, revise, or jettison underperforming pieces.

We collect this data via an innovative feedback unit that’s built right into every piece of content. It’s a tool that promotes a brief, intuitive engagement with audiences at the very moment they’re consuming content – and when they’re most likely to express an opinion about it. Using the universally understood metaphor of a temperature scale, Knotch lets audiences register their feeling about content with a single click.

By capturing sentiment data in real time, our response rates are thousands of times higher than the traditional surveys and email questionnaires used to collect audience feedback.

We combine this qualitative content market intelligence with quantitative content marketing KPIs and audience demographics/psychographics to provide content teams with holistic audience and performance data. Comprehensive overviews that show what types of content, themes and distribution channels are the highest performers, and which can be optimized to engage audiences more effectively. With content intelligence software, marketers get the full picture of content performance, with aggregated content analytics that cross all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.

Additional content intelligence tools

Alongside our content intelligence tools for measuring audience sentiment and other critical KPIs, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Analyzing and tracking competitors’ content to discover top creative themes and gain insight into competitors’ strategy and publishing schedule, enabling content teams to plan more competitive campaigns.
  • Finding the best publisher, using a comprehensive catalog of publishers and a tool for identifying the best partners based on target demographics, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Recommending the next, most valuable piece of content in a customer’s journey by engaging with audiences and collecting feedback about their interests and needs.
  • Mapping the ideal journey for each audience segment by defining the stages in the journey and mapping content to each stage.
  • Automatically organizing and classifying content, storing all assets ever created under one roof and providing filter and search capabilities to find content by topic, keyword, URL, and more.
  • Generating high-value content intelligence that surfaces insights marketers may otherwise miss, and providing relevant information based on topic, audience and other criteria.

Knotch content intelligence tools are deployed by brands across a wide variety of industries, including financial services, professional services, retail, automotive, B2B tech, healthcare content marketing and more.

Content Intelligence Platform

What makes Knotch different?

Knotch is the only content measurement technology that works across all owned and paid channels, and that delivers completely independent and unbiased data in real-time. With Knotch, you get first-party data that you own forever, anonymized for GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations. That means you never again have to depend on unreliable third-party data. We monetize only from our relationships with brands, and never from distribution channels, so we have no investment in the success of what we’re measuring. Our only incentive is to deliver the most accurate and transparent data possible.

By providing audience sentiment data and other metrics in real time, our content intelligence tools enable marketers to pivot quickly to address performance issues in mid-campaign, optimizing individual assets to get the greatest ROI from their brand’s content investment.

FAQs: what are content intelligence tools?

What are content intelligence tools?

In content marketing, content intelligence tools are typically software solutions that provide data and analysis of the performance of campaigns, pieces, publishers and distribution channels, along with audience demographics and psychographics.

What are the benefits of content intelligence tools?

With superior content intelligence tools, brands can get real-time information about how well each piece of content is performing, enabling marketers to immediately address, optimize or replace any content that isn’t living up to expectations or reaching its objectives. The most effective intelligence tools must include sentiment data that reveals how audiences feel about the content they are consuming, enabling marketers to know whether they’re campaigns are effectively building better relationships with target users.

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