Improve effectiveness with content intelligence software

Brands have high expectations for their content marketing campaigns. As content has proven enormously successful at engaging audiences, driving sales and building brand awareness, brands have been willing to put significant resources toward content efforts – as long as those efforts deliver results.

To ensure the effectiveness of content marketing, CMOs and their teams need content intelligence software that can inform every aspect of campaigns with data. That’s why more top brands today are turning to the content intelligence platform from Knotch.

Why superior content intelligence is essential

Content is expensive. To reap results, brands must invest significant resources in content marketing staff, strategies, partnerships, and distribution channels. At the same time, content is difficult. The business world is virtually awash in content and creating assets that truly stand out and resonate with audiences grows harder by the day.

Superior content intelligence software can help to minimize the cost and simplify the complexity of executing successful content campaigns. With the right software, brands can shape winning strategy by relying on content marketing intelligence for insight into competitors’ efforts, and by choosing publishing partners who are best suited to the goals of each campaign.

Content market intelligence can help to connect more effectively with audiences by mapping the right content to each stage of their customer journey, and by recommending the next, most helpful piece of content based on their feedback.

Finally, content intelligence software can help to optimize every campaign by delivering performance metrics that reveal how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming, with real-time data that lets content teams revise campaigns immediately to improve results.

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The Knotch content intelligence platform

Knotch is an independent content intelligence platform that helps brands to achieve optimal ROI from their content campaigns. With tools that help content teams to plan, measure, optimize and benchmark content efforts, we offer the only content measurement technology that works across owned and paid channels, providing totally independent and unbiased data.

With content intelligence software from Knotch, content seems can:

  • Get real-time audience sentiment data. Understanding how audiences feel about content is the only way to know whether content is effective. Quantitative metrics – number of page views, scrolling depth, time spent on page – help to measure the volume of engagement, but can’t reveal whether audiences actually liked the content or not. Because building trust and improving the perception of a brand is the goal of content marketing, qualitative content intelligence is indispensable to successful content campaigns.
  • View holistic audience and performance data. Knotch combines audience sentiment data with quantitative data and audience demographics/psychographics to provide a complete picture of a brand’s audiences and how well each piece of content resonates with them.
  • Optimize campaigns with comprehensive analysis. Content teams can see in real time what content types, themes, and distribution channels are performing best, enabling teams to optimize them in real time and to revise or replace pieces that are underperforming.
  • Aggregate content analytics across all channels. Knotch provides a complete view of content performance across owned content hubs and paid partnerships, enabling content teams to compare results across platforms and to fuel content strategy with data-driven analysis.
  • Get independent, unbiased first-party data. Because we never monetize from distribution channels, we have no investment in the success of what we are measuring. That means we can provide our brand customers with completely unbiased metrics. All the information we collect is first-party data, owned forever by the brand, eliminating dependence on unreliable third-party data.

The Knotch platform is the choice of brands across many industries, providing value for automotive, B2B tech, professional services, retail, and financial content marketing campaigns, among others.

How our content intelligence software measures sentiment

To collect the kind of audience sentiment that can transform content efforts, we invented an audience feedback unit that can be embedded directly into content, appearing alongside articles, videos, blogs, and other content formats. The feedback unit lets users express their opinion about content at the same time they’re consuming it, increasing the accuracy and rate of response. Audiences are asked to register their opinion about content on a temperature scale – a universal metaphor that users intuitively understand – enabling us to collect real-time feedback that can be passed on immediately to our brand clients.

With the Knotch feedback unit, our response rates are roughly 2000 times greater than traditional means of collecting audience sentiment, providing content teams with incredibly valuable content marketing campaign KPIs they can use to optimize individual assets and campaigns as a whole.

Content Intelligence Platform

Comprehensive content intelligence software tools

In addition to the ability to measure content performance, the Knotch platform enables content teams to:

  • Improve planning and execution of content campaigns. Knotch bolsters content plans with real-time insights, proprietary data, and artificial intelligence. Competitive analysis helps content teams to better understand the content landscape and to benchmark success. Publisher matching tools help to identify ideal partners for each campaign based on target audience demographics, KPIs, and creative goals. Predictive intelligence helps to uncover the best creative themes for content strategy.
  • Organize content libraries. Managing large volumes of content can be overwhelming. Knotch automatically organizes and classifies every single content asset ever created, storing it under one roof with robust filter and search capabilities to find content by topic, keyword, URL, and more.
  • Map ideal content journeys. Content teams can define the optimal experience for each audience segment, mapping content to every stage of the journey while focusing users on high-value actions.
  • Recommend the next piece of content. Knotch lets brands engage audiences in organic, personalized conversations to develop intelligence that informs recommendations for the next, most valuable step in the customer content journey.
  • Develop automated content insights. As the ultimate content intelligence software, Knotch surfaces insights that marketers may easily miss and enables marketers to access the most relevant information based on topic, audience, and more.

FAQs: what is content intelligence software?

What is content intelligence software?

In content marketing, content intelligence software provides insight and information that lets content teams develop data-driven strategy, plan more effective campaigns, measure content performance, and optimize efforts to increase ROI.

What features are essential for content intelligence software?

Content intelligence software must enable content teams to have a clear picture of the competitive landscape, understand which publishers are most effective for which campaigns, identify which content assets are most liked by target audiences, and optimize content in mid-campaign to increase results.

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