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The rise of content marketing in recent years is bringing brands closer to their audiences and expanding the notion of what content can be. But as more resources are allocated to content, marketing teams need superior content intelligence to ensure their efforts are paying off and delivering the ROI their brands demand. With the right content intelligence platform, CMOs and their teams can take advantage of metrics and analysis to target audiences more narrowly, to understand what’s resonating with each segment, and to improve the performance of every content asset.

For brands seeking a content intelligence platform that delivers real-time metrics and comprehensive tools, Knotch provides an independent solution that enables superior data-driven content marketing.

What to look for in a content intelligence platform

There are a lot of platforms on the market for measuring performance and developing content marketing intelligence. Most of these systems, however, fail to provide the capabilities that are most essential to driving success in content marketing.

  • Independent and unbiased data. To effectively plan and optimize campaigns, CMO’s need metrics based on the most objective data possible. Unfortunately, most data concerning the performance of content, channels and publishers is developed by third parties who are heavily invested in the outcome of the measurement. That means that, consciously or subconsciously, they will tend to put forward data that shows their contribution most favorably. Getting independent, transparently collected data has traditionally been quite difficult, but it’s essential for getting the greatest return on content investments.
  • Audience sentiment feedback. The goal of content marketing is to build positive relationships with audiences by educating, entertaining and persuading them. The only way to know if a piece of content is effective is to measure whether audiences liked it or not, and whether it improved their opinion of the brand. Unfortunately, most content intelligence platforms are geared toward quantitative data like total page views, page depth, unique visitors and so on. While these numbers indicate the amount of engagement, they don’t reveal anything about whether the engagement was positive. Collecting audience sentiment information is the only way to truly know whether a campaign is achieving its goals.
  • Real-time information. Many content intelligence platforms deliver critical performance metrics after the campaign is finished, which is great for planning future campaigns. But these solutions can’t help marketing teams rescue campaigns that are failing to meet objectives or optimize assets that aren’t reaching their potential. With real-time data and analytics, content teams can quickly revise an article that audiences find confusing, take down a video that’s creating negative perception, or move away from distribution channels that aren’t engaging audiences effectively.

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Knotch: an independent content intelligence platform

Knotch is an independent content intelligence platform that helps marketers plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their content efforts across all owned and paid channels. Comprising a suite of solutions, Knotch lets content teams manage and optimize campaigns with greater precision, effectiveness and success.

Knotch delivers the all the essential capabilities that other content intelligence platforms cannot. We deliver totally independent and unbiased data – we make our money working for brands, not distribution channels or publishers, which means we have no stake in the data we’re measuring. Consequently, brands can have confidence that the metrics we provide are completely objective, and that they deliver the clearest view possible of content, channel, and publisher performance.

To effectively measure audience sentiment, we offer a feedback unit that can be built directly into content, allowing audiences to respond immediately as they interact with an asset. Using an easy-to-understand metaphor – a temperature scale – our feedback unit lets audiences share their opinion at the exact moment when they are most invested in doing so, rather than asking them to respond to an intrusive survey or to reply to an email that arrives sometime later. As a result, our response rates are roughly 2000x greater than traditional methods of collecting qualitative feedback, giving our clients clear vision into how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming.

Finally, we deliver audience sentiment data and other metrics in real time, giving content teams the power to pivot during campaigns to optimize, revise, and replace content mid-campaign for greater success.

Tools for greater content ROI

The Knotch content intelligence platform includes six core capabilities. Our content intelligence tools enable marketers to:

  • Measure, analyze, and optimize content performance with real-time quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Analyze competitors’ campaigns with intelligence on content strategies, and find the best publisher for every campaign with a publisher matching feature.
  • Organize content inventory automatically, tagging and indexing each piece of content and storing it under one roof for faster and easier access.
  • Map the best journey for each audience segment, defining custom stages and mapping content to each stage.
  • Recommend content using AI-powered technology that engages audiences in conversation, collects feedback about their preferences, and suggests the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • Manage content campaigns with content intelligence software that automatically surfaces the most important insights.

Content Intelligence Platform

Our promise to customers

For our customers, we promise to always be the Switzerland of data, independently collecting and reporting back to you. We will provide first-party data that you will own forever, enabling you to eliminate dependency on potentially biased and incomplete third-party information. We promise to be transparent, always honest about how our data is collected. We promise that our information and the way we collect it is compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and that your data is always completely private and secure.

FAQs: what is a content intelligence platform?

What is content intelligence?

Content intelligence is data that provides content marketing teams with insight into the performance of content campaigns, individual content assets, distribution channels, and publishers. Content intelligence also includes data on audiences, demographics, and psychographics, helping content teams to better understand, segment, and target audiences.

What is a content intelligence platform?

A content intelligence platform is a solution that collects, aggregates, analyzes and reports on content performance metrics.

What makes a superior content intelligence platform?

A superior content intelligence platform should deliver real-time data that allows content teams to be more agile and more competitive, making adjustments to content mid-campaign. In addition to the standard quantitative data about audience engagement, a superior platform must also provide qualitative information that shows whether audiences like a brand’s content or not, essential for knowing whether content is effectively improving relationships with audiences. And a content intelligence platform must provide objective, transparent and unbiased data that is not skewed by the perspective or needs of publishers, channels or agencies.

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