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Brands in nearly every industry vertical are realizing the full potential and power of content marketing. But as companies pump out more content, it becomes significantly harder to stand out from competitors and deliver content that audiences find valuable. Superior content analytics are critical, giving CMOs insight into the campaigns, assets, publishers, and channels that are the best performers.

Knotch provides a platform with comprehensive content analytics that provide real-time insight for planning, optimizing, and benchmarking content efforts.

Content analytics essentials

There are three critical criteria to keep in mind as you search for the best solutions for content marketing analytics. A superior content analytics solution must offer:

  • Real-time information. Analytics that provide data in hindsight about a campaign can be helpful for planning the next one, but they can’t help marketers pivot mid-campaign to improve the performance of current assets. With real-time analytics, marketers can immediately optimize campaigns, channels, and individual assets to increase the value to customers and ROI.
  • Holistic views. Many content analytics solutions focus on the quantitative data that measures the volume of engagement with audiences. While this is helpful, it misses the most important data that should drive content marketing metrics: the qualitative data about how audiences feel about the engagement. Because the objective of content marketing is building positive relationships with target audiences and improving their feeling about the brand, knowing whether they like the content they’re consuming is essential.
  • Independent and unbiased data. Too often, the data driving content analytics is provided by third parties who are invested in the success of what they’re measuring. From agencies to publishers and distribution channels, third-party vendors want the data they provide to show their performance favorably, making it hard for brands to know whether they’re getting comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased information.

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Real-time content analytics with Knotch

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that lets CMOs and their teams measure and impact the success of their content efforts with real-time analytics, audience sentiment data and unbiased information. Knotch works across all owned and paid content strategies, providing content marketers with first-party data that is independently collected and owned forever by their brand.

The Knotch platform shows marketers how to measure content marketing most effectively and offers content analytics that provide a complete view of audience and performance data. With Knotch, CMOs and their teams can:

  • Immediately and effectively measure the impact of investments in content.
  • Optimize content with data that shows what content types, themes, and distribution channels are performing well and which can be optimized in real time.
  • Aggregate content analytics across all channels including owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Gather customer feedback in real-time to know whether audiences like content they’re consuming or not – how they engage with, behave around, and feel about each content asset.
  • End dependence on unreliable third-party data.

Knotch is a powerful Adobe Analytics alternative, providing value in a wide range of industries, including automotive, B2B tech, financial services, professional services, retail, healthcare, and pharmaceutical content marketing, among others.

Content planning, journey mapping, content insights, and more

In addition to content analytics, the Knotch platform offers a suite of solutions for managing content campaigns.

  • Competitor Content Analysis helps content teams improve planning with in-depth analysis of competitors’ content. Knotch uncovers the best creative themes, establishes benchmarks, and provides content teams with inspiration. Knotch also provides a publisher matching feature that helps to instantly pair campaigns with the right publisher based on demographics of a target audience, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Content Journey Mapping lets teams guide the reader’s journey from one piece of content to the next, meeting their needs and interests while keeping them on the site longer and focusing them toward high-value actions.
  • Automated Content Insights enable content marketers to access the most relevant content intelligence based on topic, audience, and more, while automatically surfacing insights that can otherwise be missed.
  • Content Recommendation Engine lets content teams engage audiences in organic, personalized, and native conversations. By proactively collecting audience feedback, Knotch can automatically recommends the next, most valuable step in their content journey.
  • Automated Content Library makes it easy to keep track of content under one roof. Knotch lets teams organize and classify every single asset, tagging and indexing content for easy access and searching content with robust filters for topics, keywords, URLs, and more.

Content Intelligence Platform

Why customers trust Knotch

Knotch is the only content measurement that technology that provides totally independent and unbiased data across owned and paid content strategies. We never monetize from our distribution channels – our relationships are only with our brand customers. That means we have no stake in the success of what we measure, allowing us to provide brands with data that’s more accurate, comprehensive, and independently collected.

Our innovative and intuitive customer feedback unit can be built right into content, encouraging customers to share their feelings about content while they engage with it. Consequently, our response rate is exponentially higher than the industry standard for collecting audience feedback, allowing our customers to truly measure the performance of content that is intended to build better relationships with audiences.

FAQs: what are content analytics?

What are content analytics?

In content marketing, content analytics provide insight into the demographics and psychographics of target audiences as well as the performance of content campaigns, assets, and distribution channels.

What are the benefits of content analytics?

With a superior content analytics solution, marketers can optimize campaigns in real time to improve performance and increase ROI. With insight into the best-performing pieces of content, marketers can do more of what is working and optimize or replace the content that’s underperforming. Content analytics also reveal which publishers and distribution channels are most effective for each audience, and how campaigns and themes stack up against competitors’ efforts.

What features are important in content analytics?

Content analytics must deliver real-time data that allows marketers to take action to improve the performance of campaigns and individual assets. An analytics platform must also provide audience sentiment feedback, allowing marketers to know whether audiences like the content they’re consuming. And content analytics must be based on independent and unbiased data that’s collected by a solutions provider with no investment in the success of what they are measuring.

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