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As brands continue to direct more resources to content marketing, CMOs and their teams are under pressure to deliver both greater results and higher ROI. Superior content analytics tools can help by giving marketers clear insight into how well each campaign and asset is helping to build trust with target audiences. To achieve optimal performance, however, measurements must be based on real-time data – a challenge for most content analytics tools.

To learn how to measure content quality and performance in real time, more content teams today are turning to solutions offered by Knotch, the independent Content Intelligence Platform.

The need for real-time analytics

Content marketing can be costly. It takes significant resources to develop content that has value for an audience and that stands out from the sea of content flooding B2B and B2C markets. To get maximum engagement, content teams need a clear view of how well every content asset, distribution channel, and campaign are performing – and they need that data in real time.

Real-time content analysis lets marketers take immediate action to optimize, alter, or replace underperforming pieces. With real-time information, content teams can revise a title that’s not getting enough clicks or swap out a video that’s getting negative reviews. They can abandon a distribution channel that’s reaching the wrong audience or adjust strategy to focus on different themes.

The most effective content analytics tools will not only provide real-time quantitative data but data on audience feedback as well. Understanding audience sentiment – whether they like the content they are consuming – is critical to measuring content effectiveness, and getting that data in real time is essential for improving performance.

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Knotch: content analytics tools powered by real-time data

Knotch is an independent Content Intelligence Platform that provides real-time, actionable intelligence across all content investments. With Knotch, CMOs and their teams can plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their efforts across owned and paid content channels. Our platform offers a wealth of content analytics tools that deliver the real-time data brands need to optimize campaigns, improve performance, and achieve higher ROI.

The content measurement tools on the Knotch platform offer a simple and transparent way to collect qualitative data about audience sentiment. Using an innovative feedback mechanism that’s built right into each piece of content, we make it easy for users to register their opinion about content while they engage with it. The result is a response rate that is exponentially higher (and therefore, more accurate) than other methods. By combining this data with high-level volume metrics and audience demographic/psychographic information, the Knotch platform delivers a holistic view of how well each content asset, campaign, and distribution channel is building stronger relationships with target audiences.

In addition to content analytics tools for measuring performance, we provide competitive content analysis with real-time insights into competitors’ campaigns. Content teams can search and discover detailed information about campaigns across brands, publishers, or industries, creating benchmarks and gathering inspiration from the top campaigns and creative themes in each industry. Our platform also provides a content planning tool that evaluates potential publishers and identifies the best partner based on audience demographics, KPIs, and creative approach.

Additional content solutions from Knotch

Along with content analytics tools, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Defining and mapping customer journeys. With our Content Journey Mapping tools, marketers can define the custom stages in the journey for each audience segment and map the most appropriate content for each stage to keep readers engaged longer.
  • Automatically recommending the next, best piece of content. Our Content Recommendation Engine uses feedback collected through personalized conversations with audiences to automatically suggest the next, most valuable step in the customer journey.
  • Organizing content libraries. Our Automated Content Library automatically organizes and classifies all content assets in one location. Robust filter and search capabilities let teams find content by topic, keyword, URL, and more.
  • Surfacing critical insights. Automated Content Insights provide marketers with access to the most relevant intelligence based on topic, audience, and other criteria, and reveal insights that marketers might easily miss.

Knotch is widely used by content teams in many industries, including retail, professional services, automotive, B2B tech, healthcare, and financial content marketing.

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Benefits of the Knotch platform

Knotch is the only content measurement technology that provides independent and unbiased data across all owned and paid strategies. We work exclusively for brands and never monetize from any distribution channels. Consequently, we have no investment in the success of the content we measure. Unlike publisher partners or agencies, we don’t need to skew data to present our work in the best light. That means our data is free of any bias, enabling brands to have complete confidence in the accuracy of our measurement. Additionally, the information we collect is first-party data, owned forever by the brand and anonymized for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

FAQs: What are content analytics tools?

What are content analytics tools?

In content marketing, analytics tools are used to measure how well a piece of content, a campaign, or a distribution channel perform against objectives.

How can marketers benefit from content analytics tools?

Marketers can use content analytics tools to optimize campaigns by revising or replacing content that is not performing well. Analytics can also help pinpoint which distribution channels are effectively reaching target audiences and which are not, allowing marketers to make adjustments mid-campaign.

What are the essential features of content analytics tools?

Content analytics tools must not only include the quantitative data that measures the volume of engagement but the qualitative information that reveals whether audiences like content or not. This audience feedback is essential for understanding whether a content asset or campaign is improving audience perception of a brand. Content analytics tools must also deliver data in real time, allowing marketers to immediately make adjustments that can improve performance and increase ROI.

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