The case for an independent content analytics company

Analytics are the heart of successful content marketing. From analyzing competitors’ strategy to measuring campaign performance and providing insight into audiences, analytics are critical to optimizing all aspects of content efforts.

Finding the right content analytics company, however, is not an easy task. Most firms use data collected from distribution channels and other third parties that are deeply invested in the performance metrics they provide. Consequently, it’s hard for brands to have confidence in the complete accuracy of the data and the analytics it enables.

When seeking a content analytics company that knows how to measure content marketing success with independent data that is transparently collected, more brands today are turning to the Content Intelligence Platform from Knotch.

The challenge of overcoming biased, third-party data

To optimize campaigns and measure content performance, CMOs and their teams need performance data they can trust. Unfortunately, that’s often hard to come by in today’s content marketing ecosphere.

Data for content marketing measurement is often provided by third parties like distribution channels or agencies. The way these firms collect data is often opaque, leaving content teams unsure whether they’re getting a complete picture. Because these third parties are invested in the success of what they’re measuring, they are incentivized to present data that positions their contribution in a favorable light. Metrics that suggests success may be foregrounded, while data that raises issues – such as massive bot traffic across campaigns – may be obfuscated or delivered long after the fact. As a result, brands can’t access transparent, real-time data about the performance of their content.

To overcome this challenge, CMOs need an independent content analytics company with no stake in the success of the content it’s measuring and one that can collect data transparently. That’s where Knotch comes in.

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Knotch: a content analytics company trusted by brands

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that provides real-time, actionable intelligence across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships. As a content analytics company, we work exclusively with brands and never monetize from any distribution channels, so our business model is not invested in the success of what we are measuring. Our only incentive is to deliver accurate, transparently collected data to our brand customers. Additionally, the information we gather is first-party data that is owned by the brand, ending costly dependence on third-party data.

The Knotch platform helps CMOs and their teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts. Our analytics tools are based on real-time data, allowing content teams to act immediately when campaigns, assets, or distribution channels aren’t performing as expected. In addition to quantitative volume metrics and audience demographics, our data includes audience feedback that offers clear insight into how audiences feel about content, enabling marketers to know which pieces are successfully improving brand awareness and building stronger relationships with users.

Comprehensive content analytics solutions

The Knotch platform provides a suite of solutions that allow marketers to measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts. With Knotch, content teams can:

  • Analyze and optimize content campaigns. With Knotch content analytics software, teams can refine strategy, revise content, and optimize distribution channels with a complete view of how content performs across owned and paid investments.
  • Improve planning with competitor and publisher analysis. Our content planning platform provides insight into competitors’ content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes, along with a comprehensive catalog of publishers and tools to identify the best match based on target audiences and KPIs.
  • Automatically organize content libraries. Automatically store, organize, classify, and index every piece of content under one roof, using robust search tools to access content quickly and easily.
  • Define and map the ideal customer journey. Build an organic journey by identifying the stages of each audience’s journey, mapping the most appropriate content to every step.
  • Automatically recommend the next piece of content. Engage audiences in personalized conversations to glean feedback that can inform suggestions for the next, best piece of content.
  • Review critical content insights. Automatically surface insights that can be easily missed, and access content intelligence that’s organized by topic, audience, and more.

The Knotch platform is the choice of many leading brands, providing invaluable tools for teams in automotive, retail, financial services, professional services, B2B tech, and healthcare content marketing, among others.

Content Intelligence Platform

Benefits of the Knotch platform

As a leading content analytics company, Knotch provides brands with:

  • Real-time data. With Knotch, content teams can clearly see how every content asset, distribution channel, and campaign is performing in real time. With real-time content analysis, teams can quickly take action to bolster faltering campaigns, revise underperforming content, and abandon channels that aren’t reaching qualified, engaged audiences.
  • Essential audience feedback. We embed a feedback unit directly into content assets that lets users share their feelings about content while they engage with it. This immediacy, coupled with an intuitive design, has enabled us to achieve response rates that are exponentially higher than the industry average.
  • Tools to streamline processes. From researching competitors and publishers to organizing content and analyzing audience journeys, our AI-powered processes automate and simplify the task of managing content marketing campaigns.

FAQs: What is a content analytics company?

What are content analytics?

In content marketing, analytics provide insight into how individual pieces of content are resonating with users and how successfully distribution channels are reaching target audiences. Content teams can use this intelligence to continually optimize assets, campaigns, and strategies to improve performance and increase ROI.

What is a content analytics company?

A content analytics company provides performance data as well as competitor research, audience intelligence, and information on publishers and distribution channels that content teams need to plan, measure, and optimize content campaigns.

What is an independent content analytics company?

An independent content analytics company provides data that is not collected from distribution channels, publishers, or other third-party partners with an investment in the success of content performance. As a result, data provided by an independent content analytics company is free of potential bias.

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