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Determining your return on investment (ROI) in content marketing is not a simple matter. While typical KPIs like page views and numbers of visitors are helpful, this type of content analysis doesn’t reveal how the content impacted an audience’s feelings about your brand. To understand your ROI, you need content analytics that can help you understand whether your audience likes the content they’re consuming – and provide you with real-time data about their behavior.

When content teams for brands in nearly every industry want to know how to measure content marketing ROI more effectively, they turn to content analysis solutions from Knotch.

The most critical analysis: how audiences feel about content

The goal of most content campaigns is to inform, entertain or persuade audiences, building trust with them as you improve their perception of your brand. To know whether your content is delivering on these expectations, you must know how your audiences feel about the content they engage with. It’s essential that they enjoy the content, that they’re learning more about your brand and its value, and that they return to your site for additional content time and again.

Unfortunately, most content analysis solutions – and therefore most content marketing teams – focus almost exclusively on the volume of engagement. They use quantitative metrics like page views, time spent on page, scroll depth, percentage of video completions, and more. While these content performance metrics show the depth of engagement, they reveal nothing about the quality of engagement – whether your content moved a user closer to your brand. After all, it doesn’t matter how deeply someone scrolls on a page of content if they leave the page with a negative feeling about what they’ve read.

While getting audience sentiment data is critical, it’s also essential to get that data in real time. It’s only with real-time metrics that you can quickly act to optimize content and campaigns that are underperforming, or to adjust your distribution mix immediately to reach your target audience more effectively.

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Knotch: real-time content analysis

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform that delivers real-time data on audience sentiment, combining it with quantitative metrics for a holistic view of content performance. With Knotch, CMOs and their teams can plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark their efforts across all owned and paid strategies.

Knotch provides content analysis with a complete view of digital performance. With the ability to intelligently, immediately, and effectively measure the impact of content on your target audience, Knotch makes it easy to optimize campaigns, set benchmarks, and collect customer feedback in real-time.

With Knotch content analysis, content teams can:

  • Understand what’s working and what’s not. Knotch shows what content types, themes and distribution channels are performing best and how to optimize them in real-time.
  • Aggregate content analysis. Knotch works across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships, enabling cross-platform comparisons that reveal top-performing strategies and distribution channels.
  • Get a complete view. We combine high-level volume metrics with sentiment data and demographic/psychographic information to provide marketers with the most complete view of audiences and content performance.
  • Trust their data. Because we never monetize from distribution channels, we are not invested in the success of what we are measuring. We provide our brand customers with data that is transparently collected and unbiased, enabling content teams to have complete confidence in the accuracy of our content measurement technology.

The Knotch platform is used widely as an Adobe Analytics alternative in a broad range of industries, providing invaluable insight for teams managing automotive, retail, B2B tech, financial services, professional services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical content marketing, among others.

How Knotch captures sentiment data

While capturing audience sentiment data is critical to content analysis, it has never been an easy thing to accomplish. Getting real-time audience feedback has been nearly impossible. The typical methods – pop-up surveys or emails that arrive days after the fact – are disruptive approaches that can barely manage a 0.01% response rate on average.

To solve this challenge, our team at Knotch developed an intuitive audience feedback mechanism that can be embedded in content, appearing at the end of a user’s engagement with an article, blog, video, or e-book. Using the universally understood metaphor of a temperature scale, the Knotch feedback unit asks the user to share their feeling about content at the precise moment when they are most likely to do so. As a result, we have managed to achieve response rates of roughly 20% – which is 2000 times higher than traditional methods for measuring audience sentiment.

Equally important, we collect this sentiment data and pass it on to our brand customers in real time, providing them with the holy grail of content measurement: real-time analytics that take audience sentiment into account.

Content Intelligence Platform

A comprehensive solution for content analysis

In addition to tools for measuring content performance, the Knotch platform provides additional tools for content analysis, planning and organization.

  • Competitor Content Analysis improves the way teams plan their content marketing programs, providing in-depth analysis of competitors’ content and a publisher matching tool that helps to identify the best partners based on audience demographics and KPIs.
  • A Content Recommendation Engine engages audiences in personalized conversations, collecting feedback that informs automated suggestions for the next, most valuable step in their customer journey.
  • Content Journey Mapping tools let marketers define custom stages in the journey for each audience segment, and then map the ideal content for each stage to guide readers from one piece of content to the next.
  • An Automated Content Library with content inventory software automatically organizes and classifies every piece of content ever created, storing it in a central location with tools for fast search and immediate access.
  • Automated Content Insights allow marketers to access content intelligence based on topic, audience, and more, while surfacing insights that can be easily missed.

FAQs: what is content analysis?

What is content analysis?

In content marketing, content analysis is the practice of measuring the performance of campaigns, individual content assets, and distribution channels to see how well each fulfills the objectives of the campaign.

What are the benefits of content analysis?

With superior analytics, marketers can adjust campaign strategy, revise individual pieces, or alter the mix of distribution channels to quickly improve performance and achieve greater ROI.

What’s important in content analysis?

To develop effective content analysis, marketers need access to real-time data that enables them to take immediate action to optimize efforts. Content teams also need access to data combining volume metrics with sentiment metrics that reveal how audiences feel about the content they are consuming. And to have complete confidence in their analytics, teams need data that is transparently and independently collected, providing an unbiased view of the performance of campaigns, assets, and channels.

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