Plan effective campaigns with competitive content analysis

Brands today are allocating significant chunks of their marketing budgets to content. To maximize the return on this investment, CMOs and their content teams must plan campaigns more strategically, creating content that stands apart from competitors’ efforts and delivers exceptional value for users.

Competitive content analysis is essential to the planning process. With superior content analysis tools, marketers can better understand the competitive landscape, benchmark their content efforts, and identify whitespace that offers opportunities for reaching new audiences.

For CMOs that want to aid their planning efforts with in-depth competitive content analysis, the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform provides a suite of solutions that delivers comprehensive data in real time.

The value of competitive content analysis

Marketers today are under incredible pressure to generate continuous streams of content. With the rush to create fresh pieces and the constant pressure to monitor content performance metrics, it’s easy for content teams to lose sight of the bigger picture. Content marketers are often so focused on their own work that they don’t take time to consider how their content compares to competitors’ efforts or how their campaigns compare to industry standards. Without insightful competitive content analysis, teams are more likely to produce unfocused campaigns full of wasted efforts and carbon-copy projects that don’t take advantage of real opportunities in the market.

Competitive content analysis offers several distinct benefits for CMOs and their teams:

  • Benchmark efforts. Unless marketing teams know where the bar is set for content in their industry, they’ll be unlikely to surpass it with content that surprises, delights, and builds relationships with their target audiences.
  • Identify whitespace. Analysis of content campaigns across an industry can identify whitespace and messaging gaps, enabling brands to reach new audiences by refining messages.
  • Find inspiration. When content teams never stop to see what competitors are doing, they’re likely to keep churning out the same types of content over and over. Competitive content analysis that details the best content campaigns in a given industry can inspire teams to develop more creative approaches.

To develop insightful competitive content analysis, brands need solutions that can dramatically reduce the time required for researching and analyzing competitors’ campaigns. That’s where Knotch can help.

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Simplifying competitive analysis with Knotch

Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that enables CMOs and their teams to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark efforts across all owned and paid channels. Delivering real-time, actionable intelligence, Knotch gives content teams greater visibility into the performance of their own campaigns as well as their competitors’ efforts.

To improve competitive content analysis for marketing teams, the Knotch platform enables marketing teams to search and discover competitors’ content investments by brand, publishers, and industries. Teams can review detailed competitive information about content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. Marketing teams can also:

  • Gather inspiration from the best content campaigns in any industry vertical.
  • Benchmark content efforts with access to vast historical data about content categories, themes, audiences, and engagement.
  • Search and follow competitors’ digital content investments.
  • Uncover the top creative themes to power content strategy.
  • Spot messaging gaps in campaigns within an industry and refine messaging to reach new audiences.

Additionally, the Knotch platform provides a comprehensive catalog of publishers and a matchmaking tool that helps identify the best publisher for a campaign based on KPIs, creative approach, and target audience demographics.

Additional solutions for content analysis

Along with competitive content analysis, the Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Performance analytics. Our platform combines high-level volume metrics with audience demographics/psychographics and qualitative data that reveals how audiences feel about content. The result is a comprehensive view of audience and performance data that enables content teams to optimize efforts in real-time.
  • Mapping customer journeys. Marketers can define organic journeys for customers and map the ideal content to each stage, serving the needs and interests of users more effectively to keep them on the site longer.
  • Automated content recommendations. Based on personalized conversations with users, our platform can automatically recommend the next, most valuable piece of content in the customer journey.
  • Content insights. The Knotch platform automatically surfaces insights which might be easily missed and provides access to relevant intelligence based on audiences, topics, and more.
  • Content organization. Our content inventory software makes it easy to keep track of large volumes of content, automatically organizing, classifying, tagging, and indexing every piece of content and storing it in a central location.

The Knotch platform is a highly effective Adobe Analytics alternative. It is the choice of teams responsible for retail, financial services, professional services, automotive, B2B tech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical content marketing, among others.

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Knotch: trusted by leading brands

Leading brands across many industries have chosen Knotch for three critical reasons.

Our data is independently collected and unbiased. Too often, the information for content analytics is provided by distribution channels, digital agencies, and other third parties who are deeply invested in the success of what they’re measuring. Information is collected through opaque processes and may be skewed to present the work of these parties in the best light. Consequently, brands are never sure how reliable this data is. At Knotch, we never monetize from distribution channels, so we have no stake in the results of our data collection. As a result, we can provide unbiased data that’s independently collected, enabling our brand customers to trust their analytics 100%.

Our data is delivered in real time. From competitive content analysis to performance metrics, we provide real-time information that lets brands move quickly to take advantage of opportunities and optimize content campaigns.

Our data is comprehensive. We have developed a mechanism for collecting accurate and real-time audience feedback, enabling marketers to know exactly how audiences feel about their content. By combining this with quantitative data and audience demographic/psychographic information, we provide brands with the clearest picture of audience and performance metrics. For content teams that want to know how to do content marketing on a budget, our data offers critical insights into which content assets and distribution channels are delivering the highest ROI.

FAQs: what is competitive content analysis?

What is competitive content analysis?

In content marketing, competitive analysis provides insight into the content campaigns, publishing cadence, and creative themes in competitors’ content efforts.

What are the benefits of competitive content analysis?

Competitive analysis enables content teams to more easily benchmark content efforts, to have a better understanding of the competitive landscape in which they are creating content, and to draw inspiration from the best campaigns in an industry.

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