The secret to successful branded content marketing

Branded content marketing has become an essential part of the marketing mix for brands in nearly every vertical. Yet even as companies pour more resources into content campaigns, many CMOs and their teams are struggling to effectively plan, accurately measure, and successfully optimize branded content marketing efforts. The reason is clear: most companies lack tools that can track comprehensive content marketing KPIs in real time.

Knotch solves this problem with a Content Intelligence Platform that delivers real-time actionable intelligence across all owned and paid channels, enabling brands to successfully mount data-driven content campaigns.

What makes branded content marketing successful?

The value proposition of branded content marketing is simple. By providing valuable and relevant content, brands can build stronger relationships with target audiences, improving their awareness and perception of the brand in ways that will ultimately lead to high-value actions.

Executing a successful content campaign, however, is anything but simple. It’s incredibly challenging to analyze the needs and interests of a variety of target audiences, create content that will resonate with each, and find the distribution channels that will best reach each audience.

Performance data is critical to this effort, providing marketers with insight into which pieces and channels are working and which are not. Unfortunately, most content analysis tools can’t deliver the comprehensive data that marketers need in real time to optimize campaigns, assets, and the mix of distribution channels.

Here’s why: most tools for branded content marketing analytics can provide solid quantitative data – number of page views and visitors, time spent on page and scroll depth, video completion rate, and so on. But these numbers only revealed the volume of engagement – they offer no insight into how audiences feel about content and whether content is successfully improving the relationship with the brand. For this kind of intelligence, brands need access to qualitative data. In other words, they need to know whether audiences like the content they are consuming or not.

This kind of audience sentiment feedback is notoriously hard to capture. Traditional techniques have dismal response rates or provide results long after campaigns have finished. That’s the problem that the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform has solved.

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The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform provides branded content marketing teams with strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence – including audience sentiment data.

Knotch provides CMOs and their teams with everything they need to manage branded content successfully. Our platform includes:

  • Content-wide Analytics. Get comprehensive, cross-channel views of audience and performance data across all paid partnerships and owned content hubs. Optimize campaigns with real-time data that combines high-level volume metrics with audience demographics and sentiment data.
  • Competitor Content Analysis. Develop targeted storytelling content strategy and more effective campaigns with in-depth analysis of competitors’ content, including detailed information on content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. Find the best partners through a comprehensive catalog of publishers and a tool for identifying the best match based on target demographics, creative goals, and KPIs.
  • Content Journey Mapping. Define a custom journey for audience segments and map content to each stage of the journey, serving the needs and interests of targeted audiences while directing them toward high-value actions.
  • Content Recommendation Engine. Engage audiences in personalized and organic conversations, collecting feedback that lets the Knotch platform automatically suggest the next, most valuable step in the customer journey.
  • Automated Content Library. Simplify organization of content with tools that automatically classify, tag, and index every piece of content ever created, storing it in one location for fast search and access.
  • Automated Content Insights. Knotch provides content teams with intelligence based on topic, audience, and more while surfacing insights that can be easily missed.

Benefits for branded content marketing

With the Knotch platform, branded content marketing teams can:

  • Improve performance with access to audience feedback data. Our team has designed an intuitive and engaging feedback unit that can be embedded in every piece of content, allowing users to share their feelings about content at the very moment they engage with it. As a result, our response rates are exponentially higher than traditional methods of capturing audience feedback. And because we can collect sentiment data in real time, we can provide our brand customers with real-time audience feedback as well.
  • Optimize campaigns with real-time analytics. From competitive insights to content performance metrics, our real-time analytics allow marketers to take steps immediately to optimize campaigns. When a campaign, asset, or distribution channel is not performing well, content teams can quickly alter strategy, revise or replace content, or fine-tune the mix of distribution channels to help bolster a faltering campaign.
  • Streamline management of branded content marketing. With our AI-powered platform, content teams get tools that automate tasks along with dashboards that aggregate data across all owned and paid channels. Knotch enables content teams to work more efficiently and to optimize content with less cost and effort.
Content Intelligence Platform

Why choose Knotch?

Leading brands trust Knotch for several reasons.

For starters, our data is transparent and unbiased. We only work for brands and never monetize from distribution channels. That means, unlike publishers, agencies, and other third parties, we have no investment in what we’re measuring. Our only interest is in delivering the most accurate data to our brand customers. Our data is all first-party data, owned forever by the brand and anonymized for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations.

Additionally, we provide the comprehensive, real-time data that brands need for a complete view of audiences and content performance. And for content teams that want to know how to do content marketing on a budget, our data shows exactly which pieces and channels are the strongest performers, allowing them to get the highest ROI on their content spend.

FAQs: what is branded content marketing?

What is branded content marketing?

Branded content marketing is a marketing discipline that uses valuable and relevant content to build stronger relationships with target audiences that will ultimately result in profitable action.

What is the goal of branded content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to sow trust with audiences by consistently providing them with content that they like and value. As they consume content that meets their needs and interests, users are more likely to develop positive feelings toward a brand that will ultimately lead to high-value actions.

What makes content marketing successful?

Successful branded content marketing campaigns are driven by data that reveals which pieces of content are most successful at improving brand perception, and which distribution channels can reach target audiences most effectively. Armed with this data, content marketers can continually optimize campaigns to increase the performance of each piece of content.

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