Optimize B2B content marketing with real-time analytics

The field of B2B content marketing has experienced rapid growth as brands have realized the power of content for nurturing relationships with business audiences. As brands invest more resources in content, marketing teams face enormous pressure to deliver exceptional results and higher content ROI.

A content analytics solution can help by giving CMOs and their teams real-time insight into the performance of campaigns, individual assets, and distribution channels. Choosing the right solution is critical, however, since most analytics platforms fail to provide the qualitative data that is critical to understanding how audiences feel about content.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform provides B2B content marketing teams with comprehensive analytics – including qualitative data – and tools that help to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts more successfully.

The most critical metrics for B2B content marketing

B2B content marketing teams know that data must drive every successful campaign. From research into audience segments and personas to competitive analysis and performance data on content and distribution channels, data can help teams optimize every aspect of a campaign to deliver on content marketing campaign KPIs.

Most content analytics platforms do well with quantitative data. They can quickly provide insight into the number of unique visitors, page views, scroll depth, time spent on page, click-throughs, video completion rates, and more. These platforms may also offer valuable insight into audience demographics that can help to define segments more narrowly and develop target audience personas more effectively.

What most content analytics platforms can’t do, however, is to let marketers know how audiences feel about their content. Quantitative data measures the volume of engagement, but not whether the content actually improved the user’s perception of the brand. A million page views is a lot of traffic, but that engagement holds no value for the brand if most viewers had an unfavorable opinion of the content. Unless marketers know how users feel about content, they can’t know whether their campaigns are successfully building stronger relationships with their target audiences.

It’s not surprising that most analytics platforms don’t incorporate qualitative audience data – collecting audience feedback is incredibly challenging. Traditional methods like pop-up surveys or emails have an abysmal response rate, in large part because they are too disruptive and unengaging. But to have a complete view of B2B content marketing performance, CMOs and their teams must have tools that can accurately collect and communicate audience feedback in real time. That’s where Knotch can help

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Knotch: the independent Content Intelligence Platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts with real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment. Our platform successfully collects audience feedback, combines it with high-volume quantitative data and audience demographics, and provides marketers with a master view of performance across all owned and paid channels.

As a comprehensive platform for B2B content marketing, Knotch enables teams to:

  • Analyze and optimize campaigns. Our content marketing measurement tools provide real-time actionable insights that marketers can use to revise strategy, refine messaging, revise pieces, and alter the mix of distribution channels to improve performance.
  • Strategize and plan more effectively. Real-time insight into competitors’ campaigns helps B2B content marketing teams to benchmark efforts, discover top creative themes, and identify whitespace that can be addressed new messaging and campaigns. A publisher matching feature makes it easy to find the right partner for each campaign based on target audience demographics, creative goals, and KPIs.
  • Organize content automatically. Our platform automatically organizes, classifies, tags, and indexes every piece of content ever created, keeping it in a single location for easier search and access.
  • Map the ideal customer journey. Content teams can define the optimal journey for each audience segment and map the best content to each stage, integrating content marketing and storytelling to keep audiences engaged longer.
  • Recommend the next piece of content. Knotch lets brands engage in organic and personalized conversations with target audiences, collecting feedback that enables our recommendation engine to suggest the next, most valuable piece of content for each user.
  • Surface critical insights. Our AI-powered platform automatically surfaces critical insights that marketers might otherwise miss and provides access to essential intelligence based on topic, audience, and more.

The Knotch feedback unit: the secret to collecting sentiment data

To solve the challenge of accurately collecting audience sentiment feedback, the Knotch team developed a feedback unit that we can embed into any piece of content. As users read a blog, watch a video, or consult a checklist, our feedback unit appears at the end of the experience, encouraging users to share their feeling about the content using an easy-to-understand metaphor of a temperature scale. Because we offer an immediate and intuitive way for users to register their opinion, our feedback unit garners response rates that are roughly 20% – 2000 times higher than the industry average for collecting sentiment data. And because users are responding to data in real time, we can pass this information to our brand customers in real-time as well, giving them insight that virtually no other content analytics platform can provide.

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Why B2B content marketing teams trust Knotch

In addition to qualitative audience feedback and a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing B2B content marketing, brands trust our platform for one significant reason: we offer independent and unbiased data.

Most content analytics platforms rely on data provided by publishers, distribution channels, or digital agencies. Typically, these third parties are highly invested in delivering successful performance, and their performance data is likely to be skewed. They want to show their contribution in the best light to justify the work they have done for the brand. As a result, brands have difficulty trusting their data and the analytics that are based on it.

At Knotch, we only work for brands and never monetize from distribution channels, so we have no stake in the success of what we measure. Our data is always transparently collected and completely unbiased, allowing our brand customers to have complete confidence in the accuracy of our analytics.

FAQs: What is B2B content marketing?

What is B2B content marketing?

B2B content marketing is the practice of providing highly relevant and valuable content to business users, helping brands to build trust and relationships with targeted business audiences.

What is the purpose of B2B content marketing?

By consistently delivering content that business users find helpful, authoritative, and educational, content teams can position their brand as a trusted source of information for business audiences, building relationships that will hopefully result in a profitable interaction.

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