Increase ROI with an AI content planning platform

As brands today direct more dollars to content marketing, CMOs and their content teams face greater pressure to deliver exceptional results on that investment. The key to increasing ROI is crafting a content plan based on sound strategy and competitive insight – and choosing a content planning platform that can make the process easier.

Knotch provides an AI content planning platform that infuses strategy with real-time insight, proprietary data and predictive intelligence. With Knotch, content teams have all the tools they need to build a better plan for conducting winning campaigns.

What makes a content plan successful?

A superior content marketing plan focuses all available insight and resources on the best ways to reach target audiences and move the needle on brand perception. As the state of content marketing continues to evolve, the right content planning software can help marketing teams keep every effort aligned with strategy and business objectives.

With an AI content planning platform, CMOs and their teams can:

  • Build a data-driven content strategy. Rather than relying on assumptions or the status quo, content teams must build strategy based on real-time data. They must target audiences as well as their wants and needs, and identify the messaging that will engage them and the channels that will best reach them. An AI content planning platform should make it easy to collect and analyze the data that will fuel successful campaigns.
  • See the competition clearly. With a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ content, marketing teams can differentiate content campaigns by benchmarking best efforts, identifying whitespace, and refining messaging.
  • Find the most effective partners and channels. An AI content planning platform must make it easy to identify and vet potential partners and the most effective channels for reaching audiences.
  • Define success. To measure and optimize performance, content teams need tools for defining, measuring, and reporting on KPIs. Getting real-time measurement is essential for optimizing content in mid-campaign.
  • Manage complex content schedules. Content marketing calendars can be incredibly complex. A superior AI content planning platform can help to manage publishing cadences and customer journeys, automating tasks to free marketers for more strategic priorities.

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The Knotch AI content planning platform

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform delivers end-to-end solutions for planning, measuring, optimizing, and benchmarking content efforts across all owned and paid content strategies. Providing real-time actionable intelligence, Knotch lets CMOs measure and impact the success of all aspects of content marketing campaigns.

Knotch provides the only AI content planning platform that delivers insights in real time, informing all stages of the planning process with predictive intelligence and proprietary data. With Knotch, content teams can build strategy and plan campaigns based on a wealth of independently collected and verified data on audiences, competitors, partners, and more.

Innovative tools for content planning

The Knotch AI content planning platform provides:

  • Competitive analysis. Knotch provides insight into the competition’s content strategy, publishing cadence, and themes. Marketers can search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, or industries, and continually follow competitors’ digital content investments.
  • Publisher matching tools. Knotch independently vets distribution partners and provides a comprehensive catalog of publishers. Marketers can identify ideal publishers based on target demographics, content cycles, creative goals, and KPIs.
  • Inspiration and opportunities. With the Knotch content planning tool, content teams can uncover the top creative themes and gather inspiration from the best content campaigns in each industry. By identifying whitespace and messaging gaps in markets, Knotch helps teams take advantage of new opportunities to reach customers with new messaging and content.

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Additional content marketing solutions

In addition to AI-powered content marketing planning software, Knotch platform provides solutions for:

  • Measuring content success. Knotch delivers a comprehensive view of how content is performing across all owned and paid channels. With unbiased and independently collected metrics – including both quantitative volume metrics and qualitative customer feedback – content teams can know which assets, themes, and distribution channels are performing well and how to optimize the ones that aren’t.
  • Mapping customer journeys. With Knotch, marketers can take control of the user’s journey from one piece of content to the next, defining custom stages of the journey for each audience and mapping the ideal content for each step.
  • Organizing content libraries. Knotch automatically classifies and tags every single piece of content, organizing and indexing it in one location for easy and immediate access.
  • Recommending content. Using AI-powered predictive intelligence, Knotch automatically recommends the next, most valuable step in the customer’s journey based on feedback collected through organic and personalized conversations.
  • Developing automated content insight. Knotch provides access to automated insight and relevant information based on topic, audience, and more while surfacing insights that marketers might easily miss.

FAQs: What is an AI content planning platform?

What is an AI content planning platform?

An AI content planning platform is a collection of technologies powered by artificial intelligence for creating a content marketing plan. AI-powered platforms can automatically collect audience and performance data, engage users in conversation, recommend which content users will find valuable, and analyze customer feedback to drive more engaging customer experiences.

What is a content marketing plan?

A content marketing plan is a roadmap that directs the efforts and investments of marketing teams as they create and distribute content designed to build trust and stronger relationships with audiences. A content plan must include a data-driven strategy for identifying the messages, content types, themes, publishing cadences, and channels that will engage audiences effectively.

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