Finding an Adobe Analytics alternative

Superior analytics are essential to successfully engaging audiences with content. In addition to quantitative engagement metrics, the right content marketing analytics must deliver real-time insight into audience sentiment across all channels. It’s no wonder, then, that a growing number of content teams are seeking an Adobe Analytics alternative.

While Adobe offers a powerful platform for tracking and visualizing levels of engagement, it can’t provide the real-time qualitative metrics that are critical to content marketing success. That’s why so many brands today are turning to content analytics technology from Knotch.

The limits of Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a web analytics tool that is designed to measure, collect, and interpret data to evaluate the performance of websites and the experience of visitors. Built on the powerful Adobe platform, this analytics solution offers lots of functionality for tracking, visualizing, and reporting on user engagement with a company’s web assets.

For content marketers, however, Adobe Analytics falls short. From platform tracking restrictions to slow data processing and limited customer service, Adobe Analytics can’t provide many of the features marketers want from a content analytics platform.

To satisfy the needs of content teams, an Adobe Analytics alternative must provide:

  • Real-time data. Content marketers must continually optimize content and distribution mix during campaigns to achieve greater performance and higher ROI. Data that’s only available post-campaign can help drive planning for the next round. But only real-time data enables marketers to take immediate action.
  • Audience feedback. Most analytics platforms – Adobe’s included – offer lots of quantitative metrics that measure the volume of engagement. But this data can’t reveal the most important metric of all: how audiences feel about the content they’re consuming. Unless marketers know whether audiences like the content they’re providing, it’s impossible to tell whether a campaign is successfully building trust and relationships.
  • Unbiased information. Most analytics platforms rely on data that’s provided by third parties like distribution channels, agencies, and other partners. These firms tend to have a vested interest in how well content performs, and they are incentivized to report data in ways that show their contribution more favorably. To plan and execute more effective content campaigns, marketers need unbiased performance data that reveals precisely what is working and what’s not.

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Knotch: The Content Intelligence Platform

Knotch is the independent Content Intelligence Platform and a leading Adobe Analytics alternative. With Knotch, content marketers get strategic planning capabilities, cross-channel measurement, and real-time actionable intelligence. As a solution that is solely focused on branded content marketing, our platform provides all the data and capabilities content marketers need to plan, measure, optimize, and benchmark content efforts across all owned and paid strategies.

As a leading content analytics company, we provide access to real-time audience sentiment data that enables marketers to effectively optimize assets and channels mid-campaign. Thanks to an engaging feedback unit built directly into each piece of content, Knotch allows users to share their feelings about content at the same time they consume it. As a result, we can exponentially increase response rates and provide brands with real-time feedback. By combining this qualitative data with quantitative volume metrics, Knotch delivers a holistic view of content performance and audience behavior. Additionally, because we never monetize from distribution channels, the data we provide is first-party data that is free from bias and owned forever by our brand customers.

Why Knotch is an effective Adobe Analytics alternative

Knotch serves as a premier Adobe Analytics alternative, providing capabilities that enable marketers to:

  • Measure and immediately impact ongoing campaigns across publisher branded content, owned content hubs, video advertising, email marketing, and social media.
  • Get a holistic view of audience and performance data by combining quantitative metrics with qualitative feedback and audience demographic/psychographic info in real-time.
  • Understand how customers engage with, behave around, and feel about each piece of content.
  • Aggregate content analytics across all owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive overview of content performance, with insight into which content types, themes, and distribution channels are working best and how to optimize them in real-time.
  • End dependence on unreliable third-party data.
  • Rely on one-on-one customer service, included in the price of the product.
  • Work with easy-to-use visualizations and reports that don’t require special training to digest.

Content Intelligence Platform

Additional content marketing solutions

In addition to analytics and measurement, the Knotch platform provides comprehensive solutions for data-driven content marketing.

  • Competitor content analysis provides insight into competitors’ content. A comprehensive catalog of publishers and tools makes it easy to find the best partner based on target demographics, content cycles, KPIs, and creative goals.
  • Content journey mapping enables marketers to define a custom, organic journey for each segment and to map the best content to each step of the process.
  • A content recommendation engine engages audiences in organic and personalized conversations, collecting feedback that informs the next, most valuable step in their content journey.
  • An automated content library helps marketers keep track of every single content asset ever created, organizing and indexing content for easy search and access.
  • Automated content insights provide marketers with the most relevant information based on topic, audience, and more, surfacing insights that might be easily missed.

FAQs: What is a good Adobe Analytics alternative?

Why do content teams need an Adobe Analytics alternative?

While Adobe Analytics is a powerful platform for tracking and reporting on quantitative audience engagement, it is not designed exclusively for content marketing. As a result, it lacks critical functionality that content marketers rely on, including real-time audience sentiment data, immediate measurement and metrics reporting, and first-party marketing data.

What is a good Adobe Analytics alternative?

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform is a leading Adobe Analytics alternative. Knotch combines real-time actionable intelligence with strategic planning capabilities and cross-channel measurement. With Knotch, content marketers can optimize campaigns with real-time insight into audience sentiment, quantitative volume metrics, and information on audience demographics and psychographics.

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