Content Intelligence for COVID-19 Crisis Communications


Content has the power to enable brands managing a crisis, to communicate with their audience, create awareness, and do good. Many organizations and brands around the world are using content to tell powerful stories, support an important cause, and help during a time of need.

Organizations and brands are turning to content more than ever, and need a way to measure the effectiveness of their efforts in real-time.

You can see a live version of the Knotch measurement unit at the bottom of “High Quality Content Examples About COVID-19,” which captures quantitative, qualitative, demographic, and firmographic data in the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform.

Teams issuing corporate communications about COVID-19 can apply for free access to the Knotch Content Intelligence Platform by filling out the form on this page.


  • Headquartered in the United States
  • Creating content about COVID-19 and publishing internally on an intranet and/or externally on the internet