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A modern and unbiased research dashboard so you can discover what will make and keep your content differentiated – continually. 

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It shouldn’t take you hours on Google to find out what content is trending and what your competitors are publishing. Knotch eliminates the bias of web search engines and the manual work required to conduct content research so you can spend time on what matters.

Knotch Blueprint

The Fastest, Most Intelligent Way To Conduct Market Research

Market research used to be burdensome and time consuming. With Knotch you can work exponentially faster and more precisely than traditional methods. Trending intel is automatically surfaced to you. Or, leverage a proprietary content search engine to conduct lightning-fast research using filters such as:

  • Custom date ranges

  • Select publishers

  • Specific brands

  • Pertinent keywords

  • Trending topics

  • Content channel (paid or owned)

  • Content format

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The Easiest Way to Monitor Your Competitors

Manually staying on top of every piece of content your competitors publish and analyzing its performance is unfeasible. Knotch makes it possible, and effortless.

  • Add your competition to a custom “competitors list” for active monitoring that keeps you informed on all of their content activity
  • Easily create side-by-side performance reports for up to 10 competitors that automatically generate every week and at the end of the month

  • View, consume, analyze and save your competitors’ content to your library without ever leaving Knotch

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