Is Your Content “Thumb-stopping”? 4 Quotes From TD Bank’s Chad Mitchell

In a world of mindless scrolling, are you creating “thumb-stopping” content?

That’s one thing Chad Mitchell and his content team consider while working to distinguish TD Bank from a competitive landscape of regional and national banks. In his role as VP and Head of Content, Chad’s recent focus has been on enhancing brand trust and building awareness for TD Bank, which he does through creating reliable and relevant content.

We took a lot away from our conversation with Chad, and think you will too. Here are just a few of the great soundbites from his conversation with Elke Wong, VP Customer Success at Knotch.

On the idea of thumb-stopping content

Chad recommends thinking about your target audience. What would make them pause their daily scrolling to consider your message? Is it highly relevant to them? Is it adding to the cacophony, or standing out like a soloist?

“So this idea of thumb-stopping and not being a “content polluter.” I think about, what are we putting in the feed that looks different from what everybody else is doing?”

On how TD Bank is differentiating its messaging in a sea of same-ness

Chad’s challenge at TD Bank is competing against dozens of banks selling the same services. Here’s one way he approaches communicating TD Bank’s culture of being “unexpectedly human”:

“I still go back to the same kind of questions, like why would I share and why would I care? If my content can’t answer those questions for my colleagues, why would anybody else want to care? And why would anybody else want to share?“

On how to measure the ROI of your content

To prove the value of content within a Communications department, you have to consider the long-term goals of the brand. Where other departments can focus on driving revenue for the business—for example, deals closed or products sold—content teams can and should look to other areas, such as organizational efficiency, brand sentiment, or growing a loyal following.

“When it comes to credibility around providing guidance, we’re not going to get that from Adobe Analytics. You’ve got to put another layer in—which is why we’ve been fighting so hard to get Knotch on board—so that we can start to put sentiment analysis tools on our properties and start to see, is this content having the impact that we want it to?”

“Is the content having an effect? And are we seeing a lift when we do a brand study or when we use Knotch or when we do some sort of other measurement to see if this is driving deeper customer consideration?”

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Chad Mitchell for a great conversation. You can watch the full interview, which has even more discussion about the ROI of content, content team structures, measuring your content’s value, and more.

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